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Bear Hunts | Western Colorado

Western Colorado produces a large number of massive color phase and trophy sized black bears.  Due to the dense cover these bears live and thrive in, most hunts are stand hunts in areas that bears frequent. Most bear tags are over the counter with the purchase of and elk or deer tag.  The september rifle bear tag does require a limited draw application in which we will help you with. Due to the laws that prohibit the use of hounds or bait to harvest bears in colorado, the numbers have soared, giving hunters in many areas ample oppurtunty to take home a trophy bear. Most of our bear hunts, if done aside from an elk or deer hunt, are not fully guided. We will get you to a desired stand or area that is producing bears and check on you throughout the day. Dont forget to ask how you can kill two bears!!!

Over The Counter Tags

Archery bear tags are available over the counter with the purchase of a mule deer or elk tag. The September bear rifle season is a draw only tag an you can have this tag without an elk or deer tag in hand. You can also purchase a bear tag over the counter for any of the rifle elk an deer seasons. All over the counter bear tags do have a cap on them which means the state only sells a certain amount of tags so its on a first come first serve basis an some units sell out quickly.

2016 Season Dates Coming Soon

Bear Hunts Rates

$3500 - 5 day hunt - $1500 Kill fee if shot with elk hunt or deer hunt