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About Carneys Guide Service | Colorado

Meet your guides and staff here at Carney's Guide Service

Cliff Carney

Cliff Clarney

Cliff was born and raised in Colorado. From a young age, his love for the outdoors was apparent and has only continued to grow as time goes on. People say that finding a job you truly love doing is not really a job at all, that is what keeps Cliff going 365 days a year. Passing his knowledge and passion on to his kids is as important to Cliff as passing it on to the hunters that hunt with Carney's Guide Service. His passion is evident in every aspect of Carney's Guide Service, from the mountain lion hunts in the winter months through to the spring Turkey hunts, leading into scouting for the fall mule deer and elk hunts. Cliff believes that hunting is more than the harvest of a trophy animal, he believes that hunting is the experience and adventure of being in the outdoors. Cliff's passion for guiding comes from years of hunting as a young boy with his family and eventually venturing out on his own. Among other things, many years of experience and knowledge of being outdoors is what makes Cliff the best outfitter in Western Colorado. 

Dusty Carney

Dusty Carney

Dusty is the glue that holds the business together, with Cliff in the field a majority of the time, she does the real work. Without her, Carney's Guide Service would still be a couple of guys trying to figure out how to turn their passion in life into a successful adventure to pass along to the many hunters that visit Carney's Guide Service. With her other full time job of being a wonderful mother and role model, she is the best cook in camp, she makes sure all the food is fresh and ready for those cold winter days and those great nights out under the stars during archery season. Dusty is an accomplished hunter herself and you can find her in the field scouting and enjoying the outdoors with her family.