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Western Colorado Elk Hunting

Trophy elk hunts are mostly all over-the-counter licenses. However, some elk hunts do require a limited draw process, in which we will help you apply for the right tag. The drawing deadline is in early April. We offer archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunts. These hunts consist mainly of spot and stalk, stand hunting, and calling. Hunts start with archery in late August and go on through mid-November. All hunts are wild, fair chase hunts! Our hunts are conducted from a house type of camp where a hot meal and shower can be found at the end of each day.  However, there is the possibility that we will hunt from a tent camp or camp trailer depending on the hunts you choose. A majority of our trophy elk hunting is conducted on private land. 

The Grand Mesa is the largest flat top mountain in the world, with over 300 lakes spread about the massive 350,000 acre wilderness. This creates an excellent environment for Colorado's elk herd to live and flourish and it helps keep Rocky Mountain Elk numbers at record highs. Make no mistake, though the Grand Mesa may be considered a "flat top" mountain, it is still home to some very rugged elk country. With elevations ranging from 5,500' to 10,000', you should expect to find elk living at every elevation in between. You will find farm ground around the 5,500' elevation mark and from there you get into Sagebrush and Oak Brush, then as you continue to gain elevation you will begin seeing Pinon and Juniper trees in the landscape. With the climb in elevation you will end up in the beautiful Aspen and Spruce mountain valleys. 

What to expect?

When you come to the beautiful state of Colorado, to hunt one of Colorado's most sought after game animals, the Rocky Mountain Elk, also know as the "wapiti" you can expect a lot of things.  The first thing you can expect when you book a hunt with Carney's Guide Service, is to be treated with the utmost respect and hospitality that any outfitter could offer.  Because here we take a lot of pride in what we do, and we know you do to. Elk hunting is our passion.  It doesn't matter if its with archery equipment a muzzleloader or a gun, they all present different challenges and that's what we enjoy.  So don't go thinking that Colorado Elk hunting is easy because it is usually the opposite.  Its important to be conditioned in all aspects of the hunt when you arrive.  You need to be efficient and effective with your weapon of choice, also we ask that you be in the best shape physically and mentally that you can possibly be. You have come a long way to get what you have truly been waiting for.  And we want you to get it.  We treat every hunt as if it is a once in a lifetime hunt, because it is a once in a lifetime hunt.  We offer hunting on some of the best public and private land that Colorado has to offer.  We take a very low number of hunters ensuring the quality that you as a friend and a client are after. All of our staff have been born and raised in the area so we are all familiar with area we hunt and the animals in it.  Everything from where they migrate to and from during the year down to there favorite feeding and watering areas to the places they loose there antlers in the spring.

The Hunt

When you arrive to the area, typically the day before your hunt whether by vehicle or if you fly into one of the local airports.  Typically Montrose Regional Airport or Grand Junction Regional Airport we will typically pick you up from the airport and return you to the airport after your hunt.  Both airports are within about an hour of where we hunt.  After you get all settled in to either the camp that you will hunt from or the house type environment, depending of the hunt that you choose.  We will see to it you are fed some of the finest home cooking in Colorado, most guys leave fatter than when they arrived, "fat and happy" they say.  We then like to have all hunters shoot there weapon, first to make sure the sight or scope have not been moved during travel and secondly for our sake to see how efficient each individual is to know there limitations for the hunt.  We offer a full breakfast if you desire before the hunt, then a packed lunch and again a full course dinner, that's always something to look forward to.  Sometimes in the day depending on your hunt we may make it back towards the lodge to get a hot cup of soup or homemade chili an a nap.  During the hunt most of our hunters experience multiple encounters with Elk,  not always presenting shots as it is still hunting.  Generally we see more elk per day as the seasons get later due to weather and hunting pressure forcing these elk to smaller more isolated areas.  After  you are lucky enough to harvest an elk, we will get it field dressed and cared for immediately, since the meat is the most important part of an elk hunt.  Then we will take it to a meat processor that we recommend or help you get it ready to take on the road home with you.  We are also own and operate a full service taxidermy business and have won many Colorado awards for our work.  Non Typical Taxidermy @

Elk Hunt Rates

Elk Hunt Rates

  • $5,500 - 5 day 1 on 1 hunt
  • $5,000 - 5 day 2 on 1 hunt

*Ask about our Elk and Mule deer combo hunts that are also available!

2018 Season Dates

2018 Season Dates

  • Archery August 27- September 23
  • First Rifle October 13-17
  • Second Rifle October 20-24
  • Third Rifle November 3-7
Fully Equipped Drop Camps

Fully Equipped Drop Camps

We now offer fully equipped exclusive private land drop camps.  We have several camps located on several different properties. These camps are situated in the middle of some of western Colorado's finest elk, deer, black bear & Mountain Lion hunting properties.

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