FAQ: What Are The General Legal Hunting Hours?

What are shooting hours?

HuntingHour Time Zones

One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset (adjusted for daylight saving time).

What are the legal hunting hours in Alberta?

between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise. These times apply only to the specific location and specific day (not numerous days). If hunting in between two listed communities, hunters can calculate what time would apply in their location.

Can you hunt after sunset?

Answer: No. Authorized hunting and shooting hours are clearly stated in the regulations as running from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset (CCR T-14 Sections 310, 310.5 and 352). To shoot an animal outside of those authorized hours is illegal.

What are hunting hours in PA?


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Dates Begin a.m. End p.m.
Apr. 18–Apr. 24 5:45 7:45
Apr. 25–May 1 5:36 7:52
May 2–May 8 5:26 7:59
May 9–May 15 5:19 8:06

Can you shoot a deer before sunrise?

Here legal shooting time in the morning is 45 minutes before sunrise. I like to be set up at least 30 minutes before this time. Evening hunting is 15 minutes after shooting time.

Can you shoot ducks 30 minutes after sunset?

No you cannot shoot after the forecasted sunset. Thanks for the clarification. Wonder why they will let you shoot 30minutes before sunrise but not 30 minutes after sunset

Can you hunt without a pal?

There are game laws in Alberta relating to firearms that they enforce such as having a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle etc. But there is no requirement to have a Valid PAL in the Alberta Hunting regulations anywhere, that I’m able to find. But it’s much easier to get a pal or hunt with a bow.

Can you hunt with a 10 gauge in Alberta?

In Alberta, it is unlawful to hunt game with a caliber less than. 23 or a shotgun caliber/gauge of. It is unlawful to hunt big game with ammunition that contains non-expanding bullets.

Can you hunt waterfowl with a 10 gauge?

The problem with 10 gauge is the fact that shells are fairly expensive and very hard to find in my area. Plus to me they swing like a log. So so heavy. It is a fine gun if you are hunting from a pit everyday.

Can you hunt on Sunday in Wyoming?

Monday – Saturday from 8am-6pm from Memorial Day through Christmas Day, Sundays 10am-4pm. Who is considered a Wyoming Resident for Hunting and Fishing and how do I establish residency?

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Which of these is prohibited when hunting game birds?

Electronic calls are prohibited when hunting wild animals and wild birds.

Where does most of the money for wildlife and management restoration come from?

Funds for the act come from an 11% federal excise tax on sporting arms, ammunition, and archery equipment, as well as a 10% tax on handguns. One-half of the excise tax on handguns and archery equipment is used for hunter education and target ranges.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in PA?

Qualified landowners, those with their land under continuous commercial cultivation, can hunt their own land without a hunting license during the legal seasons but they can not hunt on any other lands.

Can you hunt on Sunday in PA?

SUNDAY HUNTING: It is unlawful to hunt on Sundays except foxes, crows and coyotes. Other exceptions are included with species seasons below.

What guns are legal to hunt with in PA?

Fully automatic and semiautomatic rifles are prohibited. Hunters in Pennsylvania are allowed the use of manually operated handguns such as revolvers or single shot centerfire handguns for hunting purposes, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to carry a handgun with you while you hunt.

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