FAQ: What Kind Of Shotgun Shells For Duck Hunting?

What kind of ammo do you use for duck hunting?

Common shot sizes used for waterfowl (from smallest to largest) are No. 4, 3, 2, 1, BB, BBB and T shot. Naturally, smaller shot sizes are best suited for ducks, while the larger shot is better for geese and swans.

What is the best cartridge for duck shooting?

Bismuth is a great type of cartridge for the more traditional game gun, making them an ideal choice for driven days as they don’t follow some of the restrictions of steel shells. Eley VIP Bismuth come in 2½in shells, making them more versatile for traditional guns.

What type of shotgun pellets are allowed for waterfowl?

In the United States all shot pellets used to hunt waterfowls must be non-toxic so they must definitely not be made of lead or asbestos. The approved alternative to use as shot pellets for waterfowls in the US is steel, which is much harder than lead.

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Is 3 shot good for ducks?

For medium-size ducks over decoys or close passing shots, the traditional 3-inch load of 1¼ ounces of No. 3s provides good pattern density and power over normal ranges; also an excellent all-around swatter load.

Is 1 shot good for ducks?

I shoot 11/8 oz of #1’s for every type of waterfowl. From teal, to mallards, to snows, to cacklers, to giant canadas. It works great on all.

Is it legal to shoot a duck on the water?

There is nothing “illegal” about shooting a “sitting” duck or goose whether it be on the water or ground. Some say it’s not sporting that waterfowl hunting is a wing-shooting sport.

Is 6 shot good for ducks?

Size #6 Steel works wonders for duck inside of 33 yards. I used it for many years for the first half of the season. It will penetrate well through a duck inside of thirty yards are benefits with more pellet strikes, wider patterns and it won’t tear up your table meat nearly as bad as bigger shot as you noted.

What is the best steel shot size for ducks?

150”) have exhibited the best all-around performance for taking geese; steel #3 (. 140″) & HEVI-Shot #4 (. 130”) the best all-around performance for taking ducks; steel #2 & HEVI-Shot #4 (. 130”) the best all-around performance for taking ring-necked pheasants; & steel 7’s (.

How far do you lead Ducks?

It’s important to wait until ducks are well within range before firing, and that normally means 40 yards or less. That’s a shorter distance than most hunters think it is. Pace off 40 yards sometime and see.

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Which shotgun choke has the tightest pattern?

If someone asks you this question, simply tell them that the full choke provides the tightest shot pattern. Its tight constriction facilitates a high level of accuracy at greater distances. With the full choke, you can aim and shoot your target from 40-60 yards away.

What type of shotgun pellets are not allowed for waterfowl?

U.S law requires the use of non-toxic (steel, bismuth, tungsten, etc) while hunting waterfowl! Lead shot which was used for many years was contaminating wetlands and waterfowl.

Should you carry more than one caliber or gauge?

Never carry more than one caliber or gauge of ammunition at the same time. A hang fire is when the primer fails to ignite the powder. When selecting ammunition, you must choose the correct cartridge or shotshell for your firearm.

Is 5 shot good for ducks?

5 or No. 6 shot shells will work well for any small duck.

Is 8 shot good for ducks?

If your questioning the lethality of #8 shot (or even #9) I can assure you it is quite effective on ducks. I shot it quite a bit back in the old days with great results.

Why use steel shot for ducks?

With the advent of the 1991-92 season, steel shot will be required for goose and duck hunting throughout the nation. The switch to steel is being made because spent lead pellets accidentally ingested kill millions of waterfowl annually.

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