FAQ: What Size Shot For Quail Hunting?

What is the best shotgun gauge for quail hunting?

The most popular gauges for upland hunting are 12 and 20. Twelve and twenty gauge shotguns are easy to find. Ammo for them is easy to find, too. While twenty gauges are good for grouse, chukar, and quail, you’re better off with a 12-gauge if you’re hunting pheasants, especially later in the season.

What ammo do you use for quail hunting?

From experience, steel 3’s and 4’s in 12 or 20 gauges seem to do the job quite well on pheasants and steel 6’s or 7’s are good for quail and woodcock hunting. Extra speed in steel loads is generally necessary to impart greater striking force on the game being shot because steel is lighter than lead.

Is a 12 gauge too much for quail?

12 gauge is fine if that’s what you have and that’s what you’re comfortable with. I guide on multiple plantations and watch A LOT of quail being shot. The key is being patient and letting the bird fly a little, easier said than done, but a twenty will rip a bird in half just as fast as a twelve if shot up close.

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What is the best gun for quail hunting?

Whether your quarry is pheasants, quail, or grouse, any of these shotguns will get the job done.

  • Remington’s 870 Wingmaster. Remington 870 Wingmaster.
  • Savage STEVENS 555. Stevens 555.
  • Winchester SX4 Upland Field.
  • Mossberg 500 Classic.
  • Franchi Affinity 3.
  • Browning Silver Field.
  • FABARM L4S Initial Hunter.
  • CZ Upland Ultralight.

What is the best all around shotgun gauge?

Most hunters looking for a versatile shotgun will opt for a 12 gauge, or a 20 gauge if they want something lighter. You can purchase ammunition but will be limited. 20 Gauge – Of all the smaller shotguns, the 20 gauge is the most common, ranking right behind the 12 gauge in popularity.

What do you hunt quail with?

What type of ammunition do you recommend? In South Georgia I prefer to hunt with a 20- or 28-gauge shotgun. With that said, I like using a Winchester AA game load 7/8 oz. of shot in a 7.5 or 6 shot size.

What time of day is best for quail hunting?

Best time of day

Most quail hunters start early in the morning and this is undoubtedly the best time if the day is going to be warm. Many quail hunters talk about a ‘dead spot’ in the early afternoon when birds are sometimes hard to find.

What is a group of quail called?

The collective noun for a group of quail is a flock, covey, or bevy.

Where is the best quail hunting?

Honorable mention goes to Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Western Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, which all have good quality quail hunting opportunities. Many of these states provide solid upland game pheasant hunting right alongside quail seasons that simply overlap.

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How many quail can you shoot?

The total in possession limit for Quail is 20 birds.

Is 7.5 shot good for pheasant?

I have loaded 7.5s for pheasant and taken many birds with them. They can do a great job, with the right velocity and choke they can be very effective to reasonable shooting distances.

Which shotgun choke is good for hunting quail or rabbits?

Matching Choke to Your Quarry

Quarry Commonly Used Choke (based on typical distance from quarry)
Dove Improved Cylinder or Modified
Quail Improved Cylinder or Modified
Rabbit Improved Cylinder or Modified
Squirrel Modified or Full

Can you hunt quail with a 22?

22 is legal in CA, if it comes out of an air rifle. Otherwise, it is not legal. I have shot a couple of quail in the head at very close range with a. 22; but only when sitting on the cabin porch and knowing what the bullet would do after hitting the bird’s head.

Can you hunt dove with a 12 gauge?

Guns and Loads for Doves

When selecting a dovehunting shotgun, you can go as plain or fancy as your budget allows. A good all-around choice is a 20-, 16- or 12gauge autoloader with screw-in choke tubes. It takes only a few small pellets to down a dove, and smaller shot sizes offer more pellets per charge.

What is the best gun for grouse hunting?

The 10 Best Shotguns for Grouse Hunting

  1. Browning A5 Sweet 16. The new Browning A5 Sweet 16 is lighter and produces less recoil than the original.
  2. Benelli UltraLight. Benelli UltraLight is available in most popular gauges.
  3. Ithaca Model 37.
  4. Ithaca/SKB 100.
  5. Beretta 686 Onyx Pro.
  6. Dickinson Plantation Grade.
  7. Parker.
  8. AyA 4/53.

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