FAQ: When Is Deer Hunting Season In Washington?

What are the hunting seasons in Washington state?

Washington is divided into Game Management Units and seasons can vary slightly according to which GMU you’re hunting.

Washington Deer Seasons.

High Buck Hunts (Firearms) Sept. 15-25
Early Archery Sept. 1-25**
Late Archery Nov. 25-Dec. 31**
High Buck Hunts (Muzzleloader) Sept. 15-25
Early Muzzleloader Sept. 26-Oct. 4

How long is deer season in Washington State?

Hunter Orange and/or Hunter Pink:

Muzzleloader General Deer Seasons
Hunt Area 2020 Dates Legal Deer
White-tailed Deer Sept. 26 – Oct. 4 Any deer
3 pt. min. or antlerless
3 pt. min.

What can you hunt year round in Washington?

Rules and requirements for hunting deer, elk, black bear, cougar, mountain goat, moose, bighorn sheep, bobcat, coyote, fox, grouse, raccoon, rabbit, hare, and turkey.

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Where is the best deer hunting in Washington state?

District 1. The mountains and valleys of District 1 (Game Management Units 101 through 121) offer the best whitetail hunting in Eastern Washington. With 37% of the land public, there’s plenty of opportunity for the enterprising hunter.

Can I hunt on my own property in Washington?

The state of Washington has strict laws prohibiting trespass on private land. Per RCW 77.15. 435, it is unlawful to hunt or retrieve wildlife from the property of another. Owners are not required to post their land.

Is it illegal to bait deer in Washington state?

Washington and Oregon are the only two Western states that do not prohibit use of bait for hunting deer and elk.

How many deer can you kill in Washington?

Remember that you may only hunt in the season that matches your tag. Washington State is home to four subspecies of deer. Of those four, hunters are able to hunt three, black-tailed, white-tailed, and mule deer.

How much is a deer tag in Washington state?

(a) Big game number 1: Deer, elk, bear, and cougar. The fee for this license is eighty-five dollars for residents, seven hundred eighty dollars for nonresidents, and forty dollars for youth.

Is it legal to kill coyotes in Washington state?

Legal Status

The owner, the owner’s immediate family, employee, or a tenant of real property may kill or trap a coyote on that property if it is damaging crops or domestic animals (RCW 77.36. 030). A license is not required in such cases. Check with your county and/or local jurisdiction for local restrictions.

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Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Washington?

Archery Regulations

It is unlawful for any person to carry or have in his possession any firearm while in the field archery hunting, during an archery season specified for that area, except for modern handguns carried for personal protection.

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in Washington state?

Yes the AR 15 in this caliber is legal to hunt with.

Is it legal to kill squirrels in Washington state?

Legal Status

The red squirrel, Douglas squirrel, and Northern flying squirrel are protected species and can be trapped or killed only in emergency situations when they are damaging crops or domestic animals (RCW 77.36. 030). A special permit is required in such situations.

What do deer eat in Washington state?

Facts about Washington deer. Deer eat a wide variety of plants, but their main food item is browse—the growing tips of trees and shrubs. In late winter and early spring, deer eat grass, clover, and other herbaceous plants. Deer also eat fruit, nuts, acorns, fungi, lichens, and farm and garden crops if available.

Can you hunt on state of Washington land?

In Washington, about 50% of the land is publicly owned and open to hunters and recreationists. These lands are managed by state or federal entities. State owned lands open to hunting are managed by WDFW and WDNR. Washington State Parks also owns public lands, however hunting is not allowed in state parks.

Where can I hunt elk in Washington state?

Colockum & Yakima elk herd maintains an average of nearly 4,500 elk, with post hunt populations of 12-20 bulls per 100 cows. This area is known to be the best for elk in Washington for many years, however hunter densities in this region can be quite high.

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