How To Research For Treasure Hunting And Metal Detecting?

Where can I research a metal detect?

Well, get ready as I offer my top 9 recommendations to conduct research and to help you find the best places to go metal detecting!

  1. Online.
  2. Drones.
  3. Library.
  4. Plat Maps.
  5. Visiting The Local Historical Society.
  6. Talking To Neighbors.
  7. Taking A Walk.
  8. Talking To Local Metal Detecting Club Members.

Can you find treasure with a metal detector?

You can find buried treasure almost anywhere. Whether you‘re looking for ancient relics, coins, jewellery or gold nuggets, there’s plenty to be uncovered. After all, trespassing with a metal detector is still trespassing.

What is the most expensive item ever found with a metal detector?

The Hoxne Hoard – $2.6 million

The cache was discovered in a field near the village of Hoxne and contained different objects including silver spoons, gold jewelry as well as lots of gold and silver coins.

What is the best metal detector for treasure hunting?

Best metal detectors in 2021

  • Garrett AT Pro: best value all-around, coins, relics, freshwater.
  • Nokta Makro Simplex: best performing entry-level.
  • Fisher F22: best value entry-level, kids, coins.
  • Minelab Equinox 800: best relic hunting.
  • Minelab Excalibur II: best for saltwater and beach hunting.
  • Minelab CTX 3030: best of the best.
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Can you metal detect in Woods?

Woods and footpaths

Footpaths are a great place to metal detect though, as for many years people have been walking up and down them and perhaps taking their dogs for walks along them. Again research is key.

Where is the best place to metal detect for coins?

Where Should I Start Metal Detecting?

  • Local Parks. The parks that are in your own neighborhood are often good places to practice your detecting skills, and you will likely find some targets.
  • Around Sidewalks.
  • Old or Historic Gathering Places.
  • Beaches.
  • Abandoned Buildings.
  • Get Started.

Can I keep treasure I find?

In the U.S., laws vary by state, but the general conclusion is that going treasure hunting is often a waste of time because you likely can‘t keep it. The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 states that any “archaeological resources” found on the land of the state belong to the government.

Where can I find buried treasure?

Choose your challenge with these seven destinations for modern-day treasure hunters.

  • of 8. Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas.
  • of 8. Jade Cove, California.
  • of 8. Ozark Hills, Missouri.
  • of 8. Amelia Island, Florida.
  • of 8. Catskill Mountains, New York.
  • of 8. Bedford, Virginia.
  • of 8. Auburn, California.
  • of 8. Pahrump, Nevada.

What is the richest treasure ever found?

More videos on YouTube

  • The Cuerdale Hoard – 1840 | Value: $3.2 Million.
  • Środa Treasure – 1885 – 1888 | Value: $120 Million.
  • Caesarea Sunken Treasure – 2015 | Value: Priceless.
  • The Panagyurishte Treasure – 1949 | Value: Priceless.
  • The Saddle Ridge Hoard – 2013 | Value: A lot!
  • Bactrian Gold – 1978 | Value: Priceless.
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Can you get rich metal detecting?

Most people don’t expect to get rich with their detector. You might not want to rush out and quit your day job, but you can most certainly make some money with a metal detector if you do your research and locate good areas to hunt. About $75 worth of small gold nuggets found with a Makro Gold Racer metal detector.

How deep do most metal detectors go?

Most metal detectors can reach 6-8ʺ (15 – 20 cm) deep, on average. Some specialty metal detectors can go up to 65ʹ (20 m) deep.

What metals Cannot be detected by a metal detector?

What metals are not detected by metal detectors? Gold, silver, iron, copper, brass aluminum tin lead bronze. On the other hand, the metals that are not highly conductivity of electricity considered as non-metal or non-detectable object.

What is the best frequency for metal detectors?

The best frequency for metal detecting is somewhere in the range of 5 kHz to 15 kHz. This range is where most general-purpose metal detectors are tuned too, and also the easiest to manage for beginners.

Can all metal detectors detect gold?

For instance, all metal detectors will find gold but there are different types made that are more sensitive to and specifically for gold. So, if you are solely interested in locating gold jewelry, you will want to select a detector made specifically for this purpose. Some metal detectors are water proof.

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