Often asked: Hunting The Archon Who To Bring?

Should I save Pathfinder or Krogan Scouts?

Save the Krogan Scouts

Your heroism impresses Drack and will prevent the Krogans from being transformed into Krogan Behemoths. This ensures they will be around to help you later. A new Pathfinder named Captain Hayjer will join the Tempest crew to replace Pathfinder Raeka.

Is hunting the Archon The last mission?

Hunting the Archon isn’t the last mission, but I’d say it’s about two-thirds to three-quarters there. I got about 90% completion on the whole game in about 60 hours, so take that for what you will.

Can you still play Mass Effect Andromeda after you beat it?

While it is helpful to finish most of the side missions and loyalty missions prior to the end of the game to help players succeed in the main campaign’s endgame, the majority of the game can still be completed after finishing the main storyline.

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Is Meridian the last mission?

Mass Effect Andromeda Meridian: The Way Home is the final mission that follows the penultimate story mission The Journey to Meridian. If you’re after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide.

Does Drack forgive?

Drack forgives you, but he is pissed off for two dialogues or so. Don’t worry, he will still call you “kid” (unless you asked him not to, previously). He treats it as a “salarian vs. krogan” decision and disregards everything else about the decision that could have swindled you.

Do choices matter in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t acknowledge your choices from the original trilogy. It doesn’t matter which colour-coded ending you picked when you were chatting to the ghost kid at the end of Mass Effect 3, as your ending choice won’t carry across to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

How many endings does Mass Effect Andromeda have?

We’ll start off with the big spoiler: There’s only one ending to Mass Effect: Andromeda. We’ve already written about how certain decisions have an effect on certain events during the ending of the game, but nothing you do effects the outcome.

Can you romance Peebee?

Romance. A male or female Ryder can romance Peebee. The option to begin flirting will first appear after building an outpost on Eos; she responds favorably and will encourage it. After giving Peebee the Remnant device from Voeld, she will send an email asking Ryder to meet her at the museum on Aya.

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Are there Reapers in Andromeda?

Well, for one, we do not really know whether they have any foothold in other galaxies. However, we can say for certain that in the closest neighboring galaxy to ours, Andromeda, there have been no signs of Reaper activity in the lore.

Should I give the Krogan the drive core?

If you want access to all of the game’s quests, the answer is simple: Give it to the Krogan. As it turns out, you can’t colonize Elaaden if you keep the drive core for yourself. If you don’t care about Elaaden and you’re some kind of Krogan-hating monster, you can keep the drive core for yourself.

Will there be a mass effect 5?

Mass Effect 5 — what to play while you wait

And it’ll be released in Spring 2021. The remaster is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will boast better “textures, shaders, models, effects and technical features” as well as 4K resolution, HDR and higher frame rates among its improvements.

Should you kill the AI in Mass Effect Andromeda?

If you choose to kill the AI, you will destroy it, and the Angara will thank you. Jaal will be saddened by the loss of the AI’s memories, and SAM will confirm that there’s nothing left to salvage among the wreckage. This completes the quest.

Who is the mysterious benefactor in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Whatever you need. The Benefactor is an unidentified individual or group who secretly helped fund the Andromeda Initiative. The Benefactor’s existence was known only to Jien Garson, Alec Ryder, and a handful of other Initiative members prior to the Initiative’s launch to Andromeda in 2185.

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How do you get movie night Andromeda in Mass Effect?

Movie Night: Getting Started (Liam)

  1. Get a movie library dowload from the Nexus. This one is easy enough. You just have to toggle the mission, and follow your HUD to the terminal near Nexus Operations.
  2. Return the movie library to Liam on the Tempest. Just go talk to Liam on the ship.

How many chapters are in mass effect Andromeda?

As with most open-world games, Mass Effect: Andromeda has a main set of story missions that you need to complete in order to beat the game. According to Eurogamer, there are eight distinct chapters that comprise the main story. In total, you could theoretically blow through them all in about 20 or 25 hours.

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