Often asked: Hunting Topographic Maps?

Do deer prefer ridges or valleys?

Ridges are used as travel ways and sometimes barriers by deer. Deer will generally not walk down the top of a ridge but will instead travel along the ridge a third or quarter of the way down, usually on the downwind side. This is likely a strategy to avoid being sky-lined to predators.

Does onX have topo maps?

The Ultimate Topo Map App

With more than 14,000 reviews in the App Store and Google Play, onX Hunt is the best topo map app.

How do I get a topographic map for my property?

How do I find, download, or order topographic maps?

  1. Map Locator on the USGS Store — Search and download free digital maps in GeoPDF format or order paper maps.
  2. TopoView — The largest selection of digital options.
  3. Advanced users can also use The National Map and the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) to download digital topographic maps.

Where do big bucks hide?

Look for thickets, steep hillsides, deep draws, little swamps—out-of-the way spots where old boys might hide. The key to hunting one of these places is hidden, quiet access with a favorable wind, so you won’t blow out the bucks. Check your maps and scout further to pin down a good route in and out.

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How do you hunt funnels?

How to hunt a funnel. Fortunately, hunting a funnel is easy enough. Try to find the point where the funnel is the narrowest or where several trails converge in a funnel and set up your treestand nearby. You’ll want to factor in the wind direction here when it comes to what side of the trail you set up on.

Do deer travel the same path every day?

Walking Along Paths

They leave their home going to a place they know they can feed and then walk back home. As long as this continues to be a safe place for them, they will continue to walk along this same path every single day.

What time of day are most big bucks killed?

Most of them are specifically between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning to be exact. It’s a proven time, and it could have a lot to do with the common perception among deer hunters that things slow down once early morning is through.

Do Bucks travel the same route?

However the great thing about mature bucks in general is that although no two are alike, most of them do follow the same travel routes. Current rubs and scrapes are great, but when you can find the historical evidence of bucks that have used specific travel routes from 5-10 years past or more, take note!

What do green dots mean on onX?

All Possible Access timber lands are represented with green dots. NGOs – Our research indicates that non-profit groups usually, but not always, allow public access on their lands without prior permission.

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How do I read a topographic map?

Every point of the same contour line has the same elevation. One side of a contour line is uphill and one is downhill. Contour lines close to form a circle (or run off the side of the map). The area inside the circle is almost always higher than the contour line.

How do you read topographic lines?

How To Read Contour Lines

  1. Index lines are the thickest contour lines and are usually labeled with a number at one point along the line.
  2. Intermediate lines are the thinner, more common, lines between the index lines.
  3. Supplementary lines appear as dotted lines, indicating flatter terrain.

How can I print topo maps for free?

The easiest way of making your topographic maps is to go to NatGeo maps and print their USGS 7.5 minute topographic maps in PDF format. It’s super easy to find the map you’re looking for. Just scroll down to see the embedded map. Zoom in and click in the red dot to see a preview and download link.

Who uses topographic maps?

Who uses topography maps? Hikers, campers, snow skiers, city and county planners, the Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, miners, loggers, highway planners and construction workers, travelers, surveyors, geologists, engineers, and scientists are just a few of the people who use topographic maps.

Can you get topographic maps on Google Earth?

1) Install Google Earth if you haven’t already. 2) Download the Google Earth topo map layer from the ArcGIS Services Directory (it’s the NGS Topo US 2D (MapServer) file). 3) When prompted, save the file to your computer. It will open automatically in Google Earth.

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