Often asked: Where To Buy Delaware Hunting License?

How do you get a hunting license in Delaware?

Where to Buy a Delaware Hunting License

  1. Visit the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife website.
  2. Visit a Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife office or an approved license retailer.
  3. Mail in a paper application. (Call 302-739-9918 for more information.)

Does Walmart sell out of state hunting license?

Yes, for 1 day, a few months, or whole year. Have a state or federal identification card with you as well. This will make it easier to get your license and prove that you are a resident or a non resident of the state you are in.

How much is a Delaware hunting license?

Conservation Access Passes

Delaware Resident Agent Fee
Resident Hunting License (Ages 16 to 64) $39.50 $2.50
Non-Resident Resident Hunting License (Age 16 and Over) N/A $2.50
Junior Hunting License (Age 13-15) $5.00 $2.50
Non-Resident 3-Day Hunting License (Small Game) (Age 16 and Over) N/A $2.50
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Where can I buy a Delaware fishing license?

A fishing license may be obtained at DNREC headquarters (89 Kings Highway, Dover), from over 40 licensing agents located throughout the state, or online by accessing www.fw.delaware.gov and following the licensing link. A fishing license is good through December 31 for the calendar year in which it was issued.

How many deer can you kill in Delaware?

Hunters will only be allowed to harvest a maximum of 2 antlered bucks (all seasons combined) by using the Hunter’s Choice Tag and the Quality Buck Tag. All other deer taken must be antlerless. Additional antlerless deer tags are available for $20 each.

How much does a Delaware fishing license cost?

Delaware Fishing

2021 License / Stamp Fees
License Category Resident Non-resident
General Fishing License $8.50 $20.00
7-day Tourist Fishing NA $12.50
*Boat License 20 ft or less (optional) $40.00 $40.00

Can I renew my hunting license at Walmart?

The Sports and Outdoor department within Walmart should be able to issue you with your hunting license. All you need to bring is your photo ID with you, regardless of whether you are a resident of that state or a non-resident.

What age can I take my son hunting?

Kids in California must be at least 12 years of age to purchase a deer tag.

Can you get a fishing license at Walmart anytime?

You can obtain a Walmart fishing license at any time of Walmart regular working hours. Do I need a separate ice fishing license? No – a Walmart fishing license will also apply as an ice fishing license.

Can you hunt on Sunday in Delaware?

It is unlawful to hunt any species on Sunday except deer on private land and designated publicly-owned lands, or if hunting on a commercial shooting preserve, or to chase (no harvest) red fox in season.

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What fish are in season in Delaware?

Species Open Season Minimum Size
Spotted Seatrout All Year 12 inches
Striped bass All year, Catch and release only on spawning grounds Apr 1-May 31 28-37 inches, 44 inches or greater; 20-25 in only on Jul 1-Aug 31 in Delaware River
Summer flounder All year 16.5 inches
Tautog Jan 1-May 15; Jul 1-Dec 31 16 inches

How much is a hunting license in Maryland?

$20 for first-time non-resident hunters of any age who have never held a Maryland hunting license. Applicants must comply with the requirements listed above. $24.50 for Maryland residents ages 16 to 64. $10.50 for Maryland residents under 16 years of age.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in Delaware?

The bill also raises the minimum fine for Class C violations from $50 to $100 for first offenses and raises Class D environmental violations from $25 to $50 for a first offense.

Can I buy a Delaware fishing license online?

Delaware fishing licenses can be purchased online via Digital DNREC or in-person at an authorized license agent or at the licensing desk inside DNREC’s Richardson and Robbins Building, at 89 Kings Highway SW, in Dover.

Do you need a fishing license to crab in Delaware?

A fishing license is required to crab in all waters of the State of Delaware. The blue crab is common in all the tidal waters of Delaware. It is a popular recreational resource and tops the list of the State’s economically important marine fish and shellfish.

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