Question: When Does Deer Hunting Season Start In Maine 2012?

What is the first day of deer hunting season in Maine?


Seasons WMDs Dates
First Day
Firearms Season All November 1, 2021
Maine Resident Only Day* All October 30, 2021
Youth Deer Day All October 23, 2021

What are the hunting seasons in Maine?

2021 Deer Seasons and Bag Limits

Season WMDs Dates
Archery/Crossbow All October 2, 2021 – October 29, 2021
Muzzleloader Statewide All November 29, 2021 – December 4, 2021
Muzzleloader 12, 13, 15-18, 20-26, 29 December 6, 2021 – December 11, 2021
Expanded Archery Designated areas only September 11, 2021– December 11, 2021

Is it hunting season in Maine?

Deer season hunting requires deer permits. For more information about legal hunting in specific areas of Maine, visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website. **Season dates vary by zone.

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Maine Wild Turkey Seasons.

Fall Sept. 14-Nov. 7
Spring May 3-June 6**
Spring Youth May 1

When can you feed deer in Maine?

It is illegal to feed deer in Maine from June 1 to Dec. 15, which coincides with the state’s deer hunts. But from mid-December through May deer feeding is allowed, though it’s not recommended by state biologists.

Can you hunt on Sunday in Maine?

Sunday Hunting is Illegal in Maine.

Can a felon hunt in Maine?

Convicted felons, who cannot hunt with firearms, may hunt with a crossbow if they have taken and successfully completed all of the required courses above. Even if you were only bow hunting deer during the November firearms season, you still must hold an archery licenses as well as a big-game license.

How late can you hunt in Maine?

Coyote: Daytime hunting hours, see chart above. Hunting coyote during the coyote night hunting season (December 16 to August 31) is legal from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise, and shall cease at midnight each Saturday and resume at 12:01 AM on Monday.

Are there elk in Maine?

Adaptable to a variety of habitats, elk were found in most ecosystems except the tundra, deserts, and the Gulf Coast. The specific range and number of elk that inhabited the Northeast are unknown, but fossil bones of elk have been found in shell heaps in Maine and at archaeological sites in Rhode Island.

How much is a hunting license in Maine?

License Fees

License Fee
Maine Residents Small Game* Hunting (16 and older) $15.00
Combination Hunting & Fishing (16 and older) $43.00
Combination Fishing & Archery (16 and older) $43.00
Serviceman (resident) Combination Hunting & Fishing $3.00
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Can you hunt with a pistol in Maine?

General Laws

Wild animals and wild birds may be hunted only by the use of rifles, handguns, shotguns (not larger than 10-gauge), muzzleloader, handheld bow and arrow, crossbow, or falconry.

Can you shoot chipmunks in Maine?

Shooting is rarely considered effective. It is typically illegal and unsafe for controlling chipmunks in residential areas. Where firearm discharge is safe and legal, shooting offending animals with an air rifle,. 22 caliber rifle or a shotgun with No.

How many deer can you kill in Maine?

1. Limit on deer and bear. It is unlawful to take or possess more than one deer or more than one bear in any calendar year. 2.

What do Maine deer eat?

Deer consume grasses, sedges, ferns, lichens, mushrooms, weeds, aquatics, leaves (green and fallen), fruits, hard mast (acorns, beech nuts, etc.), grains, and twigs and buds of woody plants.

Can I feed deer apples in the winter?

During winter, deer need a lot of calories to keep warm and also need protein to keep their bodies functioning. Waste apples and potatoes are palatable to deer and contain ample calories, but are not a healthy stand-alone diet. Fruits and spuds are high in water and too low in protein and fiber for wintering deer.

How old do you have to be to hunt in Maine?

Maine residents and non-residents under 16 years old must have a junior hunting license. Hunters ages 10 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult supervisor. Hunters under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult supervisor who is within 20 feet of the junior hunter.

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