Question: Where Can I Go Mule Deer Hunting In Texas?

Where can you hunt mule deer in Texas?

West Texas Mule Deer Hunting. Our exclusive properties for Mule Deer Hunting are located in the Texas Panhandle and Trans-Pecos regions of the state and encompass over 315,000 private acres of prime mule deer habitat which are unsurpassed in the industry.

What counties in Texas have mule deer?

Approximately 80–85 percent of the mule deer in Texas inhabit the Trans-Pecos Region while the remainder are found in the Panhandle and western Edwards Plateau regions (Fig. 1). the Trans-Pecos to Randall and Armstrong counties.

Where can you hunt for free in Texas?

Backups: The National Park Service also offers hunting at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in the Panhandle and provides free hunting permits for some areas of the Big Thicket National Preserve in Southeast Texas.

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Where is the best mule deer hunting?

5 Best States for Mule Deer Hunting

  • Colorado. Colorado is widely regarded as the nation’s top mule deer destination.
  • Idaho. Idaho runs a close second to Colorado when it comes to mule deer hunting.
  • Montana. Montana has a lot of country and lot of mule deer.
  • Wyoming. Wyoming was once considered the cream of the crop for mule deer hunters.
  • Nebraska.

How many mule deer can you kill in Texas?

Bag limits are established by county. No person may exceed the annual bag limit of five white-tailed deer, no more than three of which may be bucks.

How much does it cost to deer hunt in Texas?

The price of a deer hunt in Texas can vary depending on the amenities you wish to be included and the size of deer you want to harvest. Many hunting guides in Texas offer deer hunting trips for $300 to $500 dollars. However, if you want a trophy buck you could be looking at spending more than $5000.

Can you bait mule deer in Texas?

Active Member. Baiting for deer should never be allowed. It is the lazy man’s way of hunting and no ethical hunter would ever be a part of it.

Can you hunt javelina at night in Texas?

Javelina are largely nocturnal during the hotter times of the year. In Texas, javelina are classified as a game animal and may be legally harvested with a hunting license, during hunting season, in counties which have a season. However, local ordinances often prohibit the discharging of a firearm within city limits.

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How many mule deer are in Texas?

Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) populations are considerably lower, usually fluctuating from 150,000 to 250,000 depending on habitat conditions. They are confined to the western portion of the state, mostly in the Trans- Pecos but with some in the Panhandle and western Edwards Plateau.

Can you hunt on your own land in Texas?

More than 95% of the land in Texas is privately owned or managed. You can hunt on the private land that you own or get permission from the landowner to hunt as a guest or pay the landowner to hunt on that land. Many hunters find leases and book hunts a year or more in advance.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Texas?

“You have to have landowner permission.” You can’t hunt in a subdivision on lots of 10 acres or less in an unincorporated area of a county if the commissioners court prohibits the use of a firearm in those areas.

Where is the best hunting in Texas?

The perfect hunting areas depend largely on the type of game you’re stalking. Although deer are found all over the state, they’re best in the brush of south Texas. East Texas is the place for waterfowl and alligators, while javelina are common in west Texas. North Texas is fantastic for pronghorn and rams.

What is the biggest mule deer ever shot?

The SCI #1 typical Rocky Mountain Mule Deer was hunted by Max Johnson with a rifle in San Juan County, Utah in October of 1968. This magnificent buck was a 5×5 and his main beams measured in excess of 27″ & 29″ respectively. He had a massive inside spread of 36 4/8″ and scored 228 5/8″.

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What state has over the counter mule deer tags?

Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Washington are states where you can purchase tags over the counter and hunt mule deer every year. Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington also offer draw tags for some units.

Can you buy over the counter mule deer tags in Colorado?

They’re available at over 700 sales agents around the state, at CPW locations, online or by phone. You may purchase these licenses when over-the-counter licenses go on sale.

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