Quick Answer: How Much Is A Nh Hunting License?

How much is a hunting license in New Hampshire?

NH Fishing and Hunting License Prices

License Type Annual Fee Annual Fee
Hunting/Freshwater Fishing Combination* $56.00 $151.00
Senior Hunting/Freshwater Fishing Combination* $7.00 N/A
Hunting* $32.00 $113.00
Archery $32.00 $83.00

Can you hunt on your own land without a license in NH?

Resident landowners and their minor children under the age of 16 may hunt and trap on their own land in season without a license. This exception does not apply to activities requiring a special license or permit (i.e., archery, muzzleloader, pheasants, turkey, etc.).

Do you need a hunting license in New Hampshire?

General Information: A general firearm hunting, fishing or archery license is not required for minors under 16 years of age. One-day licenses are also available for NH residents. Senior LicensesNH Residents Only: Discounted licenses are available for resident seniors born in 1948 or later, and have reached age 68.

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How do you get a hunting license in NH?

There are three ways to purchase a NH fishing or hunting license:

  1. BUY ONLINE with our online license sales site.
  2. Download a print-and-mail license application. View all application forms.
  3. Visit a local license agent.

How many deer can you kill in NH?

Regular Hunting or Combination License: allows the taking of one deer during the regular firearms deer season (Wildlife Management Unit restrictions apply).

Can you fish in NH without a license?

State residents and nonresidents alike can fish any inland water – or saltwater – in New Hampshire that day without a fishing license. Note that season dates, bag limits and all other fishing regulations must be followed on Free Fishing Day.

Can you carry a loaded gun in your car in NH?

In 2017, New Hampshire changed its law to allow individuals to carry loaded handguns in vehicles without a license. New Hampshire still prohibits, however, the carrying of loaded rifles or shotguns in a moving motor vehicle unless the individual is in the act of protecting his or her livestock or crops.

Is 12 acres enough to hunt?

If you want to ambush one from a tree or blind, 12 acres is plenty.

Can you bait deer on your own property in NH?

Baiting on Private Land

A permit to bait for deer on private property must be postmarked by the first Monday of October to be accepted. One copy of the bait permit is left with the landowner. Two copies must be submitted to the N.H.

Can you trap on your own land without a license?

Any landowner may trap non-native species at any time without a license provided they are a nuisance.

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Can you hunt on Sunday in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has other traditions I like as well including: Sunday hunting– yup, no local or town regulations preempting the states’ set seasons, bag limits or where you can hunt-yup; hunting stories or pictures of game taken in the local newspapers, or, heaven forbid, on TV!-

How much is a lifetime fishing license in NH?

New Hampshire Hunting

Type of License Fee
New Hampshire Resident Regular NH Hunting License $32.00
Senior Combination Hunting and Fishing*** $7.00
Regular Lifetime NH Hunting and Fishing, Archery, Muzzleloader, Deer Crossbow, Bear*
Newborn Lifetime NH Hunting and Freshwater Fishing License* $304.50

Can minors fish alone?

Answer: Yes. Although no license is required, keep in mind that no matter their age, everyone who fishes must know what the fishing regulations are that apply to the type of fishing they are doing, and have the good judgment to abide by them.

How many NH Fish and Game officers are there?

Game wardens with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department are certified law enforcement officers, referred to as conservation officers. As of 2018, 47 of them worked throughout New Hampshire, averaging out to about one for every 200 square miles.

Do I need a license to buy a bow?

Owning a bow and arrow in the United States does not require a license. However, specific rules and regulations should be considered before buying a bow and arrow to start learning archery. Using archery skills for hunting may be prohibited in some areas.

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