Quick Answer: What Hunting Season Is It In Sc?

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in SC?

2.4 It is unlawful for anyone to hunt or take wildlife on WMA land unless an individual is in possession of a valid South Carolina license; a valid WMA permit; and other applicable federal or state permits, stamps, or licenses.

Can you kill a fox in SC?

In South Carolina, foxes are legally classified as a furbearer and can be taken by hunting or trapping during the open season. Hunting season is Thanksgiving Day through March 1 on private lands with a valid hunting license.

Can you deer hunt on Sunday in SC?

On private lands statewide, Sunday hunting for all game is legal.

Where can you hunt in South Carolina?

Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in South Carolina

  • Sand Hills State Forest. • 46,838 acres. • 13 ponds with bass, bream and catfish available.
  • Manchester State Forest. • 28,675 acres. • Good deer, turkey and small game hunting.
  • Wee Tee State Forest. • 12,403 acres.
  • Francis Marion and Sumter National Forest. • 371,000 acres.
  • Santee National Wildlife Refuge. • 13,000 acres.
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Can a game warden come on private property in South Carolina?

They DNR CAN come onto your property with probable cause ( hear a shot, someone told them you were poaching, whatever) but they CAN NOT simply overrule the constitution and your right to own property and go where ever they want when they want.

What is the most dangerous animal in South Carolina?

South Carolina’s Deadliest Creatures


How many deer can you kill in a day in SC?

The statewide limit on antlered bucks using personal tags is 5 for residents and 4 for non-residents. In each case, 2 of these bucks must have at least 4 points on one antler or a 12-inch inside spread. Daily limit of 2 for antlered bucks or antlerless deer using personal tags for residents and non-residents.

Is it legal to kill squirrels in SC?

Section 50-11-140 – Taking raccoons, opossums, squirrels, or fox during period they can be hunted without weapons.

How close can you hunt to a house in SC?

When hunting with a firearm in South Carolina, you must be 300 yards away from a residence when less than 10 feet above the ground. This law was passed in response to complaints about hunters hunting too close to houses.

Can I shoot my gun on my property in SC?

First of all it’s not illegal to shoot your weapon on private property. Second it does not matter the time of day. Third the police were called about some other matter by another member of the family and the shooters were in a different part of the property ane may not have known that the police were called.

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How many deer can you kill in SC?

In Game Zone 1, the maximum number of antlerless deer one hunter can kill is four. In Zone 2, each hunter can kill five antlerless deer during the season. Add those numbers to the 5 (3 base tags plus 2 optional) buck tags and Game Zone 1 hunters can legally kill a maximum of nine deer.

How long does deer season last in South Carolina?

South Carolina is divided up into four distinct hunting zones (in the past, the state was divided into six areas).

South Carolina Deer Seasons for Public Lands.

Youth Hunt Aug. 10, Sept. 14, Sept. 28, and Jan. 4**
Primitive Weapons Oct. 1-10**
Archery Only Sept. 16-Dec. 21**
Gun Hunts Oct. 11-16 and Oct. 31-Jan.1*

How close to a property line can you hunt?

Unless you’ve gained permission to do so, absolutely not. It doesn’t matter if the animal is 1 yard or 500 yards from the fence. It’s not OK. Plus, if you’re firearm hunting, shooting across the fence into unknown territory could harm others or their property.

How much is a hunting license in South Carolina?

South Carolina Hunting & Fishing

Privilege Fees July 1, 2020–June 30, 2021
Privilege Type Duration Non Residents
State Hunting License Annual 125.00
10 Day 75.00
3 Day 40.00

How old do you have to be to hunt alone in SC?

South Carolina

All hunters born after June 30, 1979 must complete a hunter education course before a hunting license can be bought. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a guardian when attending hunter education class. Youth hunts for hunter under 17 are available.

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