Quick Answer: When Is Alligator Hunting Season In Florida 2013?

How much is an alligator tag in Florida?

Licenses for alligator hunting in Florida are $272 for residents and $1,022 for non-residents. If you have a “Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing License” there’s good news, the license/permit will only cost you $22. Once you have an alligator hunting license, additional permits cost $62 each.

How much does it cost for an alligator tag?

Alligator tags don’t cost anything if you own your own hunting grounds. All you have to do is prove ownership of a piece of land deemed sufficient to sustain alligators, get a $25 Alligator Hunting license, and make an application.

How much is a 10 ft alligator worth?

How much is a 10 ft alligator worth? “A wild gator that is seven feet or longer sells for around $12 to $15 a foot. A 10-foot gator at $13 per foot will be purchased for $130.

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Do you need a license to hunt alligators in Florida?

A Florida hunting or fishing license is not required to participate in the statewide alligator hunt. Cost (All Sales are Final – No Refunds): There is no cost to apply, but credit card information must be submitted with each application.

Will a.22 kill an alligator?

If you want to kill one with a firearm—and do it quickly—you have to shoot it in a specific spot. If you can hit that spot, the caliber of your bullet, its design and the cartridge it was fired from matter very little. In fact, alligators are often effectively hunted with. 22 Magnum rifles.

Can I kill an alligator on my property in Florida?

It’s a third-degree felony under Florida law to kill or injure an alligator. It’s also a felony to capture and keep an alligator or its eggs unless you purchase a special alligator trapping or farming license from the state.

How many alligators can you kill in a season?

Alligator hunting season is April 1 – June 30; one alligator per bag per tag per person (core counties) or one alligator per person per season (non-core counties).

Who died on Swamp People?

Mitchell Guist and his brother, Glenn Guist, lived in the Louisiana bayou for years until Mitchell’s sudden death in 2012, after just two seasons on Swamp People. Local authorities announced he had died from natural causes after suffering a heart attack when he collapsed while loading supplies onto a boat.

How much is a Gator worth?

The current prices for alligators are $20 per foot for a 9-foot or longer gator, $17 for 8 feet, $13-$15 for 7 feet and $13-$14 for 6 feet, according to local hunters and processors. “The prices are about 30 percent down from last year,” Greenwood Gator Farms and Tours owner Tim Domangue said.

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What is the largest alligator ever caught?

The current world record alligator was taken by Mandy Stokes, of Thomaston, in August 2014. It measured 15 feet, 9 inches long and weighed 1,011.5 pounds.

What does alligator taste like?

Alligator meat has been described as having a mild flavor and a firm texture. It tastes like quail, with a mildly fishy flavor, and is often chewy, depending on preparation.

Can I shoot a gator in Florida?

Alligators are protected under Florida law and FWC is taking those rules seriously. That means you’re not allowed to shoot and kill alligators unless you’re defending yourself. But when an alligator attacks a pet, you’re not allowed to shoot.

What is the fine for killing an alligator in Florida?

Unauthorized alligator hunting is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and $5,000 in fines.

What to do if an alligator is in your yard?

If you have found alligators in your yard and you want to remove them, then please make sure that you exercise extreme caution. Removing alligators (even the smaller ones) is not safe and should be left to a professional.

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