Quick Answer: When Is Hunting Season In Wisconsin?

What hunting season is it right now in Wisconsin?

For more information on obtaining licenses, permits and regulations, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

Wisconsin Deer Seasons.

Archery and Crossbow Sept. 12-Jan. 3
Youth Deer Oct. 10-11
Firearms Nov. 21-29
Muzzleloader Nov. 30-Dec. 9
December Antlerless Dec. 10-13

How close can you hunt to a house in Wisconsin?

It states if the hunter does not own the property they are hunting, they need permission from the landowner to shoot within 100 yards of their house.

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in Wisconsin?

Answer: They are legal to use in Wisconsin. Some other states prohibit anything electronic, so they may not be legal in some other states. But they are legal here in Wisconsin.

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What can I hunt in Wisconsin?


  • Bear.
  • Deer.
  • Furbearers.
  • Elk.
  • Mourning dove.
  • Ruffed grouse.
  • Sharp-tailed grouse.
  • Turkey.

Can you hunt on your own land in Wisconsin?


Much of the land in Wisconsin is privately owned. Hunters can typically freely take game animals hunted on their own private property, or may seek permission from a landowner to hunt on private property.

Can you hunt deer with a pistol in Wisconsin?

During the gun season, Wisconsin deer hunters can use an approved shotguns, rifles, or handguns to harvest deer. Any hunter over the age of 18 can also hunt with a handgun as long as it is. 22-caliber or higher and has a 5.5-inch or larger barrel.

Can I shoot a deer from my house in Wisconsin?

A. Both the hunter and the deer must be located on private property. A hunter with a private land harvest authorization cannot shoot a deer standing on public lands even if he/she is standing on private land.

Can you carry a gun while bow hunting in Wisconsin?

Answer: Yes, a customer can carry a gun and a bow and arrow while hunting. What really matters is for the hunter to have the proper license and use the legal weapon when taking a particular game species. Just carrying the weapon is not the violation.

Can you carry a loaded gun in your car in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin gun laws state that you cannot have a loaded long gun in your vehicle, including automobiles and all-terrain vehicles. The only exception to this rule is when the vehicle is stationary. If the vehicle is stopped, you can have a loaded gun on the top or exterior of the car.

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Can you own an AK 47 in Wisconsin?

There are no bans or restrictions on AK’s or clones in Wisconsin. There are no bans or restrictions on any semi-auto’s. Full-auto’s are legal as well, although some county sheriffs will not sign the Form 4.

Can an AR 15 kill a bear?

They can carry much more ammunition, they are easy to shoot, and are flat shooting. They offer excellent accuracy. The magazine capacity is a plus. The two experienced hunters, on tracking a large bear that showed no fear of people, choose the AR15 in.223.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Wisconsin?

Rabbit hunting with a BB gun, 1 acre is plenty. Rectangular property and bow Gobbler hunting, 3/4 acre should be plenty.

Do I need hunters safety course in Wisconsin?


Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1973, must complete a hunter education course and have a hunter education safety certificate on file to purchase any hunting license in Wisconsin. Hunter education graduates receive a certificate that is accepted in every state, Canada and Mexico.

What Animals Can you hunt year-round in Wisconsin?

Unprotected Species means mammals and birds that can be hunted yearround without bag limits or hunting hours restrictions, and includes starling, English (house) sparrow, chukar partridge, coturnix quail, opossum, skunk, weasel, and all other wild mammals not specifically mentioned in the hunting, trapping, and

Are there elk in Wisconsin?

Elk are found in two distinct ranges in Wisconsin. The largest, and oldest, elk herd in the state is the Clam Lake elk herd. The Clam Lake herd ranges across Ashland, Bayfield, Price, Sawyer and Rusk counties in northern Wisconsin. Current management practices are aimed at securing the future of elk in Wisconsin.

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