Quick Answer: Which Of The Following Is True Regarding Chimpanzee Hunting?

How do chimpanzees hunt?

Chimpanzees are the only great apes known to engage in organized, communal hunts for larger animals. The creatures they target are usually always mammals. Some of these animals are hunted on the ground whilst others are hunted in the treetops. The most popular prey for chimpanzees at Gombe are red colobus monkeys.

Why do chimps hunt?

Wild chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes, frequently hunt and share meat. A nutritional shortfall hypothesis suggests that chimpanzees hunt to compensate for seasonal shortages in food availability. A second hypothesis argues that male chimpanzees hunt to obtain meat that they swap for matings.

What key feature of chimpanzee tool use have anthropologists identified quizlet?

What key feature of chimpanzee tool use have anthropologists identified? Chimpanzees are highly intelligent; mothers have been seen teaching their young to use tools; which tools are used and for what purposes varies from location to location.

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What are three factors that impact primate feeding success?

You closely monitor a society in which males cooperate with females while parenting. In which of the following residence patterns are males known to often exhibit this activity? Quality, distribution, and availability are the three key factors that contribute to primatessuccess at feeding.

Do chimpanzees use tools?

Chimpanzees and bonobos. Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are sophisticated tool users with behaviors including cracking nuts with stone tools and fishing for ants or termites with sticks.

Do monkeys hunt other animals?

Although the chimpanzees mostly eat fruit, they also regularly hunt for meat. Their main prey are red colobus monkeys. Between 1995 and 2014, Watts and Mitani observed 556 hunts, 356 of which targeted red colobus. These hunts were very successful: 912 colobus were killed, an average of 3 per hunt.

Does chimpanzee eat baby monkeys?

WHY DO CHIMPS EAT BABIES‘ BRAINS FIRST WHEN THEY HUNT RED COLOMBUS MONKEYS? A new report from a team led by Arizona State University anthropologist Ian Gilby explains that chimps eat the brains of baby monkeys first when they hunt.

Why do chimps eat babies?

Female chimpanzees are able to tell which males pose more of a risk to their babies, according to new research. The creatures are known to sometimes kill newborn babies that they have not fathered, occasionally even eating the young after snatching them from their mother’s arms.

Why do chimps eat each other?

By attacking the other group, the chimpanzees protect their local food supply—and by eating the slaughtered chimp, no meat goes to waste.

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What are the two components on which the study of fossils is focused quizlet?

matching up physical and chemical characteristics of strata with the fossils found in those strata. The scientific study of fossils centers around two components: time and environment.

What are three key factors that contribute to a female primate’s success at feeding?

Three key factors that contribute to a female primate’s success at feeding are: quality, distribution, and availability of food.

How do primates acquire food quizlet?

2) primates rely entirely on their bodies for acquiring and processing food for consumption. Humans rely on extrasomatic means-material culture-to acquire and process food. Chimpanzees, orangutans, and some New World monkeys employ rudimentary technology, reflecting socially transmitted knowledge.

What primate has the longest lifespan?

By contrast capuchin monkeys (genus Cebus) display slow life histories and have the longest reported captive lifespan of any monkey, a remarkable 54 years, only slightly exceeded by the great apes (Judge and Carey 2000).

What primate are we most closely related to?

While orangutans and gorillas are in the great ape family, humans are most closely related to two other species in the family: bonobos and chimpanzees.

What is one way the vision of primates is different from that of other animals?

What is one way the vision of primates is different from that of other animals? Primates have overlapping vision fields. FEEDBACK: Primates Have an Enhanced Sense of Vision. FEEDBACK: Primates Have a Reduced Number of Teeth.

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