Readers ask: How Is Zaroff’s Philosophy On Hunting Different From Rainsford’s?

How does Rainsford’s attitude about hunting compare with zaroff’s?

b. How does Rainsford’s attitude toward hunting compare with Zaroff’s? Rainford’s attitude toward hunting compared to Zaroff’s is different because Rainsford has a state of mind to hunt animals only and for fun, but Zaroff likes to hunt something that has a mind to reason which is humans. Rainsford is a hunter.

What is Rainsford’s philosophy on hunting?

Rainsford argues that it is ok the hunt animals, but not men. Zaroff thinks that the men have no purpose, and so it is ok to kill them. When Rainsford refuses to hunt with the General, the General makes Rainsford the hunted.

What is zaroff’s attitude towards hunting?

Zaroff has a similar opinion regarding his prey. Big-game hunting has become boring for Zaroff because the animals can’t use logic, so they offer no challenge. As a result, Zaroff imprisons sailors that he calls the “scum of the earth” and has them become as physically fit as possible.

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What is the difference between Rainsford and zaroff?

An obvious difference the two characters possess is their level of sanity. They differ in the lengths at which they will go to achieve the thrill of the hunt. Rainsford is content to hunt animals, while General Zaroff has grown bored with it. He has rationalized in his mind that it is okay to hunt humans.

Why does zaroff choose to hunt humans?

Zaroff has begun hunting human “game” because he desires more challenge in the hunt. Zaroff begins hunting human “game” because hunting animal game has become boring to him. He feels it is no longer hold any sort of challenge for him.

Did Rainsford kill zaroff?

In the end, Rainsford is able to beat Zaroff by killing him. Rainsford is able to escape capture by making Zaroff think that he died. Rainsford returns to Zaroff’s castle, surprises him, and kills him. Therefore, Rainsford wins the game by exterminating Zaroff.

How does Rainsford change his entire philosophy about hunting?

Answer: At the beginning of the story, Rainsford says, “Who cares how a jaguar feels?” Later on, he uses the words, “Zaroff was the cat and I was the mouse”. Explanation: This shows how Rainsford had shifted to a different perspective and understands how the jaguars must have felt being hunted by him.

How does Rainsford attitude towards hunting change during the story?

How does Rainsford’s attitude change because of his experience? He has more sympathy for the hunted, like Whitney. What do you think his future views on hunting will be? Since he now knew how it felt about how it was like being hunted, he feels more sympathetic towards the hunted.

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Why does zaroff think Rainsford is droll and naïve?

Zaroff thinks Rainford droll and naive as Zaroff thinks himself as the superior most Hunter and all others to be far below him. EXPLANATION: In the story ‘The most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connel Zaroff is a unique character. He lives in an island in majestic lavishness.

Does Rainsford become zaroff?

Rainsford expresses his narrow view by saying, “The world is made up of two classes—the hunters and the huntees.” As the story progresses, Rainsford eventually becomes the prey in the most dangerous game and experiences firsthand the terror and pain of being hunted.

What is the central message of the most dangerous game?

The central theme of “The Most Dangerous Game” is murder. Its main characters, Sangor Rainsford and General Zaroff, are both hunters, and Rainsford justifies killing by claiming that animals can’t feel. This logic fails, however, when Zaroff starts hunting humans.

Why does Rainsford call himself a beast at bay?

Rainsford calls himself the “beast at bay” because he swam to kill Zaroff and he is very dangerous. At the end of the story Rainsford kills Zaroff.

Why is General zaroff no longer interested in hunting?

Why is General Zaroff no longer interested in hunting? He was shot on his last hunting trip. He found another hobby. It has become too easy and he is bored with it.

Who is Rainsford in the most dangerous game?

The protagonist, Sanger Rainsford, is an adventurous big-game hunter who confronts the nature of life and death for the first time in his life during his few frightening days on Ship-Trap Island.

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How old is Rainsford?

He has white hair, but is still fit enough for physical activity, so I would guess the General is somewhere in his 50’s. By that standard, I would guess that “young man” would refer to someone in their 20’s or 30’s (maybe early 40’s.) I favor 30’s, personally. Rainsford is reported to be a great hunter of some renown.

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