Readers ask: What Size Peep For Hunting?

How high should your peep sight be?

When the shot at 80 presents itself, you will have a hard time staying centered in your peep because the peep will seem like it is super high. A better option would be to set the peep height at 50 yards so that you aren’t getting so out of position when the distance of the shots varies from 20 to 80 yards.

Does peep sight color matter?

Each eye color corresponds to a certain color peep that will help clear your vision/make things brighter. I didn’t believe it when I heard it, but the pink peep made everything clearer and I have no issues shooting in low or bright light situations.

What peep sight does Levi Morgan use?

Levi Morgan

I rely on the unrivaled clarity offered by the InSight Peep System to always know where to aim in a game where every point matters.”

Should I use a peep sight on my bow?

Peep sights can help you stay fundamentally sound when shooting your bow. Much like any sport, in archery hunting staying true to the fundamentals and a routine is important. Employing a feature such as a kisser button along with a peep sight can help you to ensure that your anchor point is solid every time.

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Where should a peep sight be?

Peep sights really need to be placed in the most natural position for the archer as possible. That is to say: at full draw, a shooter should not be looking for the peep and should instead naturally anchor into the peep.

Which peep sight is best?

Best Bow Peep Sights

  1. G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight.
  2. TRUGLO TG76C Centra Peep.
  3. TRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert Sets.
  4. RAD Super Deuce Peep Sight.
  5. Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight.

Why is my peep sight twisting?

The main cause of the dreaded and unwanted peep sight rotation is the stretching of new string fibers. A common reason is that you don’t have your new bow string broken in. The break in period is at least 100 cycles with an arrow. Another reason is there could be low quality fibers in your bowstring.

How does a peep sight work?

When you look through the peephole, your eye concentrates on the front sight and the target. You can forget about the rear sight. Your brain automatically centers the target and the correct portion of the front sight without you thinking too much. This is the traditional peep-and-post sight.

How old is Levi Morgan archery?

I’m 27-years old now, and I shoot against some of the best archers in the world.

Why are peep sights better?

Biggest advantage is the the aperture (“peep“) sight has a longer sight radius. It can also be mounted closer to the eye as the shooter simply looks through the aperture. I find aperture sights to be faster and more accurate and is my favorite iron sight.

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How do you secure a peep sight?

As you cinch tight, the serving should slip between the string and peep, locking the peep to the string. Next, make another half wrap over the peep groove and loop the serving through the string and around the opposite side of the string bundle above the peep. Again, cinch the long end tight to lock the other side in.

Can you put a peep sight on a recurve bow?

Unlike compound archers, recurve archers don’t use peep sights. A peep sight is a small, doughnut-shaped ring that’s installed on the bow’s string. Peep sights give compound shooters a common reference point to look through while aiming.

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