When Does Hunting Season Start In Arkansas?

What are the dates for deer season in Arkansas?

Arkansas Deer Seasons, Opening Dates*

Archery Sept. 26-Feb. 28
Muzzleloader Oct. 17- 25 and Dec. 2-21**
Modern Gun Nov. 14-Dec. 25**
Youth Modern Gun Nov. 7-8 and Jan. 2-3
Private Land Antlerless Only Dec. 29-31

What hunting seasons are open in Arkansas right now?

2020-2021 Arkansas Hunting Season

  • Deer.
  • Bear.
  • Elk.
  • Quail – Statewide: Nov. 1-Feb.
  • Rabbit – Statewide: Sept. 1-Feb.
  • Squirrel – Statewide: May 15-Feb.
  • Crow – Statewide: Sept. 1-Feb. 21. ( Thursday-Monday hunting only)
  • Furbearers.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Arkansas?

You as a landowner can shoot “nuisance beaver, muskrat, nutria, coyote, raccoon, opossum, squirrel, and striped skunk” any time of the year, or you can designate someone else to do so. Regardless of season, no one can hunt, trap, or fish on your property without written permission from you.

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How many deer can you kill in Arkansas 2020?

Hunters may kill as many as six deer, but no more than two legal bucks. LEGAL BUCK Varies by zone. In most of the state, a legal buck must have at least three points on one antler.

Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Arkansas?

Under current regulations, hunters may not carry a modern gun while participating in archery or muzzleloading seasons, unless they have a valid concealed handgun carry permit. If passed, the amendment to this regulation will clarify that people may carry a handgun (as defined by Ark. Code Ann.

Can a deer see blaze orange?

The answer to our question is: No, deer cannot see blaze orange the same way that humans see it. It likely appears brown or gray to deer. But they are more sensitive to blue wavelengths than humans, and probably to clothing that has been washed in detergent that contains UV brighteners.

Are there alligators in Arkansas?

Yes, alligators have been in Arkansas for thousands of years. Their numbers where heavily depleted by unregulated market hunting (purses, belts, shoes, etc.) and draining of wetlands from 1860 to 1960. They are now mainly found in the lower third of the state.

Is it illegal to kill a fox in Arkansas?

Foxes, Bobcats and Coyotes may be taken during daylight hours with rifles and shotguns of any caliber. Bobcats, opossums and raccoons may be taken at night only when treed by dogs and only with firearms no larger than. 22 caliber rimfire and shotguns with shot no larger than T shot.

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Can you deer hunt with an AR 15 in Arkansas?

AR15s are popular for long-range target shooting and for hunting varmints like groundhogs and coyotes. They are also used for deer hunting, particularly by children because the adjustable stock makes it easier for them to hold, and for hunting feral pigs.

Can you shoot an intruder in Arkansas?

Arkansas law does allow citizens to, for example, shoot a trespasser in your home who is a violent threat, even if you could avoid doing so by retreating. The law doesn’t apply if the intruder isn’t breaking in, or if you‘re not inside your home. It comes into play if you feel like your life is in danger.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Arkansas?


Each landowner is eligible to receive up to $5000 + in-kind practices per contract. A landowner is required to have a minimum of 5 contiguous acres that can be planted to participate.

Can you bait deer on private land in Arkansas?

Baiting Deer

Hunters may bait and feed deer on private land outside of the CWD Management Zone year-round. Food plots may be used year-round. Baiting is not allowed on wildlife management areas.

Can you own a deer in Arkansas?

Right now, in Arkansas it is legal to capture up to six wild deer and keep them as pets. Arkansas Wildlife officials say they have found pet deer in unsanitary and small enclosures, some of them diseased, and there have been several reports of people getting injured by pet bucks during mating season.

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How much are deer tags in Arkansas?

Nonresident Annual All Game Hunting License (NBG)

Entitles the holder to hunt all game species, including bear, using modern gun, muzzleloader or archery. Valid through June 30. Six deer tags and two turkey tags are included with this license. $350; obtain online or through dealers, regional offices.

How much does a non resident hunting license cost in Arkansas?

Hunting License Descriptions and Fees

Cost Obtain
Nonresident Annual All Game Hunting License (NBG)
$350.00 Online Dealers Regional Offices
Nonresident 5-Day All Game Hunting License (AG5)
$180.00 Online Dealers Regional Offices

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