When Is Deer Hunting Season In Kansas?

What hunting season is open in Kansas right now?

Regular Season: April 14 – May 31, 2021; Legal Equipment: archery equipment and shotguns and muzzleloading shotguns using shot sizes 2 through 9.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt on your own land in Kansas?

If you are resident and 75 years of age or older, you are not required to purchase a hunting license. Description of Landowner: A landowner is any resident who owns 80 acres or more of Kansas farm or ranch land. When applying for a landowner/tenant permit, land owned must be in the unit applying for.

What day does rifle season start in Kansas?

Hunter orange clothing is required. Firearms Season: Dec. 1 – Dec. 12, 2021.

How many deer can you kill in Kansas?

No hunter may harvest more than one antlered deer per year except those who also possess a Commissioner Big Game permit. Deer and turkey permit fee for residents 15 and younger is half the permit fee for residents 16 and older.

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How much is a deer tag in Kansas?

How much is a resident deer permit in Kansas? $22.50 resident adult whitetail antlerless-only tag. $10 resident youth whitetail antlerless-only.

How long is bow season in Kansas?

Kansas Deer Seasons

Archery Sept. 14-Dec. 31
General Youth and Disabled Hunt Sept. 9-15
Muzzleloader Sept. 14-27
Pre-Rut Antlerless Deer Oct. 10-12
General Firearms Dec. 2-13

Can I kill a deer on my property out of season?

Hunting outside of season is generally not allowed. This is because animals considered game are not your property. Its better to check the laws of your county and state before hunting even on your own property. You can also check Feed That Game for everything related to deer hunting.

Do you need a hunter safety course to hunt in Kansas?

Kansas law requires that all hunters born on or after July 1, 1957, must successfully complete a certified Hunter Education course in order to purchase a hunting license or to hunt (except for those hunting on land that they own).

How much does it cost to hunt in Kansas?

Kansas Deer Tag & License Information

Kanas Deer Hunting Fees Adult Youth (16 and under)
Either Sex Carcass Tag $442.50 $117.50
Non-Resident Hunting License $97.50 $42.50

Are there elk in Kansas?

Kansas is well-known as home to a thriving whitetail deer population but it also home to wild, free-ranging elk. Kansas has a small, wild elk herd near Fort Riley but individual elk are known to wander 75 to 100 miles away.

Is Kansas a draw state for deer hunting?

Applications For Coveted Kansas Nonresident Deer Permits Accepted Through April 26. Those who draw a mule deer stamp will have a permit valid for either a white-tailed or mule deer. To see 2019 permit allocations by unit, as well as draw statistics from last year, visit ksoutdoors.com/Hunting/Applications-and-Fees.

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Do you have to check in deer in Kansas?

Kansas regulations require a hunter to tag a deer before it’s moved from the kill site. To access the electronic deer check-in system, go to www.ksoutdoors.com and click “Deer Check-in.”

Where is the best deer hunting in Kansas?

Located in South Eastern Kansas – Land of Giants is situated among some of the best Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting land. We hunt all private land and the demand for the hunting trophy whitetail deer is high. Land of Giants is becoming to be known as a destination for hunters looking to score a trophy whitetail buck.

What state can you shoot the most deer?

  1. 15 | 1. Mississippi. Deer Per Square Mile: 42.6.
  2. 1 | 15. Arkansas. Deer Per Square Mile: 19.2.
  3. 2 | 14. North Carolina. Deer Per Square Mile: 20.5.
  4. 3 | 13. Connecticut. Deer Per Square Mile: 20.6.
  5. 4 | 12. Kentucky. Deer Per Square Mile: 20.8.
  6. 5 | 11. New York. Deer Per Square Mile: 21.2.
  7. 6 | 10. Georgia.
  8. 7 | 9. Maryland.

Is it legal to spotlight deer in Kansas?

You can’t have a weapon with you but you can spot light all you want. Most states may not allow it, but Kansas is OK with it.

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