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Western Colorado Mountain Lion Hunting

Trophy Mountain Lion Hunt

The Mountain Lion Hunt

This can be a very physical hunt in the Rocky Mountains of Western Colorado. The rugged rim-rock canyon country of Colorado is home to the elusive trophy mountain lion. All licenses are purchased over the counter. When conditions are perfect we have had nearly 100% success. Book now for your exciting action packed adventure, hunting the rocky mountains of western Colorado in pursuit of these elusive ghost like cats. On our snow hunts we will cover the countryside by way of 4x4's and ATV's searching for a track that is the desired size of the lion in which you would like to take home.  However, we do our best at all cost not to harvest female lions. Our well trained pack of hounds is what makes us the best mountain lion hunting outfitter in Colorado.

In most units open to hunting, the fall mountain lion season is Nov. 19, 2018 - March 31, 2019. The April Cougar season runs April 1-30, 2019.

What to expect - 2018-19 CO Mountain Lion Hunts

As a top Mountain Lion hunting outfitter here in Western Colorado, we run hunts from the middle of November through the end of April. Colorado separates itself from many of the other western states when it comes to Mountain lion. Colorado does not require a drawing in order to obtain a lion tag like many other states do. This means these tags are readily available and its no hassle, after you decided to hunt Colorado and you buy license over the counter. Colorado also has a very large and rising Cougar population, so as you can imagine that definitely helps lead to our success in hunting these elusive and majestic predators. Here at Carney's Guide Service there are a lot of other factors that lead to our success as an outfitter.  First it comes from our hard work, passion and knowledge of the the species and areas that we hunt.  Our houndsmanship is second to none and the trusted hounds we use have been bred for many generations. These amazing hounds have been trained exclusively for the use of chasing big cats. Secondly, we have a vast permitted area to hunt, with over 12 different game units we have to choose from.  This allows us to go far and wide in pursuit of once in a lifetime trophy cats. After you land in Grand Junction Colorado, we pick you up and hunting adventure of a lifetime begins. The majority of our lion hunting takes place in the the rugged and remote rim rock canyon country of Western Colorado. This is some of the most beautiful and diverse country you will ever lay your eyes on. The hunting in the rim rock canyon country of Colorado can be very physical and once you get to the baying hounds it is not for the faint of heart. As every hunt is different, you can never be sure until you get there if the lion will be in the top of a tall pine or bayed on the edge of a cliff. From the Alpine forests to the low valley river bottoms we chase these cats until you get your trophy mountain lion. With our long standing knowledge of the area we always seem to find a cat. Since Mountain lions, or as some say Cougars, follow the big game herds as they migrate it can be difficult to find where a mountain lion is hunting. The elevation that we typically hunt for is between 8000' all the way down to around 5000' in the valley. A mountain lion hunt is different than any other hunt such as elk, deer, or any other big game for that matter. When winter arrives and the days are shorter, hunts may start as early as 3 a.m. As you and your hunting guide head out into the darkness of the back country of Western Colorado in search of Trophy mountain lion or cougar tracks, you will feel the excitement!  Our hunts are 5 days and may be extended if needed. Remember there are no guarantees in mountain lion hunting with hounds. It takes a lot of knowledge, effort and drive not only by the houndsmen and the hunter but also the hounds to make it all come together. Once a fresh track is found the hounds will be radio collared and released in pursuit of the cat, that is where the houndsman and hunter follow.

Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunts in Colorado

With the many different weather patterns that Colorado receives you may end up hunting dry ground conditions at any point during the Colorado Mountain Lion season.  That's why it is important for us have the elite hounds on hand that we have, to track in less than perfect conditions.  Our dry ground hunts are often times conducted like the snow or winter hunts that we offer, by driving roads looking for fresh tracks.  The only difference is it obviously in the dirt rather than snow,  other methods may be by free casting the dogs in areas where lions are known to frequent. The hunter and houndsmen will hike behind the dogs as they search for a track that we may not be able to see. This method is very productive when you cannot see a track that has been left in grass , duff or on rock or frozen ground, the hounds can then smell the scent.  These hunts are very exciting as you get to spend more time watching the dogs work and not to mention a beautiful time to be in the Colorado Rockies in pursuit of these incredible animals.

Weapon Choice for Cougar Hunts

The number one question people ask when they book a lion hunt is "what type of weapon should i bring"? I always tell them to bring the weapon that they are most comfortable and efficient with. In my opinion it is a lever action rifle with out a scope, most shots are less than 20 yards sometimes with just a few feet. Here are a few things to keep in mind all rifles and handguns must be center-fire and bullets must be weigh at least 45 grains and produce at least 400 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. For Archery the broadheads must have at least a 7/8 inch outside cutting diameter and have at least two steel cutting edges. Minimum draw weight should be no less than 35 lbs and no more than 80% let off.

2018-19 Western Colorado Lion Hunting Season Dates

2018-19 Western Colorado Lion Hunting Season Dates

In Western CO, units with hunting opportunities the April lion season runs April 1-30, 2019.

REMINDER: Hunters who purchased a mountain lion license for the April 1-30, 2018 season and did not harvest may still use the same license to hunt in the season that runs from Nov. 17, 2018 - March 31, 2019. After March 31, 2019 you must purchase a new license that is valid April 1, 2019- March 31, 2020.

CO Mountain Lion Hunting Rates

CO Mountain Lion Hunting Rates

We can build a hunt that fits your schedule and we will do everything we can to make this hunt work for you. Contact us via phone or email for prices and packages!

Nonresident License is $351 & Resident is $41

Plan Your Custom Hunt Package

Mountain Lion ID Course

Mountain Lion ID Course

DON'T FORGET!!!! Before you purchase a mountain lion tag you need to take the online lion identification course click here to take the course now. Colorado division of wildlife.

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