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Colorado Mule Deer Hunts | Western Colorado

Why Choose Carney's Guide Service?

Private land is the key to our success for these Colorado Trophy Mule Deer.  Mule Deer are an icon of the American West, Colorado has maintained its reputation as one of the premier states for mule deer hunting. Here at Carney's Guide Service we hold a special spot in our hearts for our Mule Deer hunts. We believe Mule Deer hunting is comprised of several key factors, first and foremost is the land we hunt.  We believe guided hunts with our experienced guides also is a big factor. When you come on a Mule Deer hunt with Carney's Guide service you will have access to the most sought after Mule Deer country in Western Colorado. We do not believe it is the amount of acres we have access to but the quality of land we operate on. With that being said Carney's Guide Service operates almost exclusively on private land in what some might say is the best Mule Deer country in Western Colorado, we have access to land in multiple units including GMU 41, GMU 52, GMU 62, GMU 411.  This aslo includes some great hunting on the B.LM lands that we are permitted on as well. At Carney's Guide Service we are focused on a quality hunt, with the land and guides we have it has allowed us to consistently harvest Mule Deer from 170' up to 200' with a few deer over the 200' mark.

We understand the word "Trophy" has a different meaning to each hunter, whether it is the memory and adevnture of the hunt to the size of a truly monster mully buck, here at Carney's Guide Service we aim to please. We promise that you will be surrounded by the best hunting guides on the best hunting leases.

What To Expect on your Colorado Mule Deer Hunt?

After you arrive by either driving or flying in to the area, typically the day before your hunt.  We will pick you up from Montrose Regional Airport or Grand Junction Regional Airport and get you to our house style accommodations, were you can relax and get to know our small hospitable staff.  Most of our help is either family or long time family friends from the area.  This is also helpful when it comes to knowing the areas we hunt and how the Mule deer in that area operate.  These are all keys to our success along with the quality private land we hunt.  We Know you have waited a long time and came a long way, so it is our job to make sure you have thee utmost best experience possible and that's just what we do.  Next we like all of our guests the shoot there weapons, for a few reasons.  One is to ensure that your sight was not compromised during travel and secondly so that we can see what your ability or limitations may be during the hunt.  Its important we respect these precious Mule deer that we hunt and everything around them.  All of Our hunters over the past 4 years have experienced 100% shot opportunity on 160"+ mule deer bucks.  We pride ourselves in that, because again here at Carney's Guide Service we  offer quality.  Our Hunts are typically spot and stalk combined with stand hunting, usually from ground blinds or vantage points.  As these Mule deer transition from there bedding area to their feeding are we are most successful this pertains to most hunts we offer whether it be archery, rifle or muzzleloader hunts.  We typically see more deer as the year goes on, since weather and hunting pressure brings these mule deer to the areas we hunt.  And of course by the end of October the rut begins to kick in here in Western Colorado and into full swing by our 3rd and 4th gun hunts in November.  This bring some of Colorado's most educated and massive bucks out where there is an opportunity at that trophy mule deer of a lifetime.  We will provide you with a home cooked breakfast everyday, and often times we return home in the mid day for a bite to eat, sometimes a nice hot cup of soup or homemade chili to recharge for the evening hunt.  Then there is always an outstanding feast for dinner, a full course meal and dessert!  Where good conversation and laughter is a big part of the evening, conversing about the days hunt.  So don't hesitate!

Give us a call today to build that hunt of a life time!!!!!

Mule Deer Hunt Rates

Mule Deer Hunt Rates

  • $5,500 - 5 day, 1-on-1 hunt
2018 Season Dates

2018 Season Dates

Archery Mule Deer (5 Day Hunts)

  • August 25- September 23

Rifle (5 Day Hunts)

  • 2nd rifle season: October 20-24
  • 3rd rifle season: November 3-7
  • 4th rifle season: November 14-18